Mobile Rentals

On the Move

Atlantis Worldwide is the leading provider in refurbished imaging equipment and can provide you with the highest-quality mobile unit that is available for long- or short-term rental.

Atlantis does not just “broker” rental systems, we provide rental systems from our high-quality stock. We understand and are deeply involved in the process of renting mobile MRI, CT, C-Arm or PET/CT machines.

Atlantis can provide you with important information to consider before renting equipment. We have the right solution when you need an interim rental due to:

  • Equipment upgrade
  • Increased patient need
  • Patient backlog
  • Renovations
  • Equipment downtime
  • Emergency equipment downtown
  • Space limitations

Atlantis can guarantee quality and availability as well as responsibility with our mobile rentals, and installation that won’t interrupt your business. We also offer many flexible rental offers, including:

  • Month-to-Month Rental Terms so you’re never locked into long-term rental contracts.
  • Low Monthly Rental Payments, which are less than purchase payments.
  • No Maintenance Costs since we cover all equipment maintenance and repairs during the rental period.
  • Operational Expense because medical equipment rentals can be written off as overhead expenses and often result in better tax breaks.
  • Ability to Upgrade so you can upgrade your medical equipment at any time to something new.

Contact us today to discuss a mobile rental opportunity. We’re here to answer any questions you may have.