Complete Project Management

All-Star Administration, All Around

Our Complete Project Management offering provides customer-specific solutions to ensure your satisfaction through the entire cycle of the purchasing-to-ownership experience. Whether you are medical doctors in a private practice, entrepreneurs starting clinics, or administrators at imaging centers or hospitals, this process begins with our delving into your distinct needs.

Our meticulous, step-by-step approach is rooted in the way we work. Our goal is to help customers reach smart decisions about appropriate equipment, financing, refurbishment, and levels of service. At Atlantis Worldwide, we work to meet your needs and budgetary guidelines, so you can find appropriate technology at an appropriate price.

Solutions Specific to Each Customer

To assist you, we offer a full range of added-value services and consultations. Our experienced sales and technical staff will help you purchase a system that suits your clinical requirements, as well as your budget. We can help you choose an array of services that will help to complete your project over and above your expectations. You’ll find that Atlantis Worldwide is centered on fulfilling the needs of every client in the refurbished and used diagnostic imaging community.

Services we provide include:

Trade–Ins and Upgrades

We can provide insight into current prices in the secondary market for a wide range of used medical imaging equipment. Atlantis can offer you the highest market prices for the equipment you no longer need, thanks to our more than 18 years of experience in the used diagnostic equipment industry. With this information in hand, we can help you negotiate a trade-in or upgrade of your existing equipment at the most appropriate price.


Our experienced engineering crews professionally remove the systems we have purchased, always taking into consideration the requirements of reinstallation. As the old system comes out and the new one goes in, our crews communicate and coordinate with you to minimize disruption to your business.

Site Planning and Construction

Our engineers can assist with site plans and placement of your system for efficient use of space and successful installation of your system. We can also provide complete construction services to build your imaging center.

Shipping and Transportation

Atlantis Worldwide provides expert crating, shipping, and documentation so that your equipment arrives in excellent condition.


Attention to detail makes all the difference in our installations. We work within your schedule and see to it that your system functions properly before we’re done. We treat your equipment just as if it was still our own.


Our flexible financial packages and wide variety of options ensure that your needs are met. Please see Financing for more information.

Interim Rentals

We provide short-term system rentals during construction and installation of your new equipment so business is not interrupted. In 2005, Atlantis began operating our own fleet of Mobile CT and MRI systems. Our equipment is owned by us, not brokered — so we can guarantee quality and availability, as well as responsibility for rental equipment.

Applications Training

After installation, we train your users, ensuring that they are comfortable and competent with the new equipment.

Service and Warranty

We stand by our promises. One way we accomplish this is by offering service plans and warranties that afford you the smoothest possible operation and rock-solid peace of mind.