GE 1.5T EXCITE HDxT 16X MRI in E&W Trailer

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GE 1.5T EXCITE HDxT 16X MRI in E&W Trailer


System is customer ready.   REFURBISHED with New flooring, new Corian table, all new ceiling tiles, replaced cold head and compressor in June 2023 and helium recently filled, new curbside tires, DOT Certified

  • CX-K4 Low Cryogen Consumption(LCC) 1.5T Magnet
  • HP 8400 Workstation
  • HFD Cabinet
  • 8 Channel System Cabinet Level III
  • Lytron Gradient Chiller
  • Manget Monitor III
  • GE Lightweight removable table, blue trim


  • 8 Channel Brain
  • 8 Channel CTL
  • 8 Channel Body
  • 1 Channel Split Head
  • 1 Channel Quad Knee
  • 1 Channel Body


Signa HDxt 16.0 Vol 3, Software Present.


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