Sell Medical Equipment

Looking to Sell? Look No Further

We buy for our inventory, so we don’t have to wait for a buying customer in order to pay for the equipment you are looking to sell.Feel free to do a price comparison, but we guarantee you that we are a reputable, knowledgeable source that can:

• Establish fair market value for your system
• Work within your schedule
• Remove equipment in an efficient manner
• Pay you as per our agreement
We are a proven market leader who deals exclusively in the purchasing of refurbished and used medical equipment.

Committed Purchasing Power

Atlantis Worldwide has a strong history of working with hospitals, clinics, new equipment vendors, and leasing companies to ensure that your concerns and deadlines are met. This means that we have a team of experienced logistics professionals ready to remove your equipment with no interruption to your daily schedule.

Simplifying the Selling Process

If you want to sell your system, we probably want to buy it. We can give you an historical cost basis for establishing the value of your equipment, and will make you a competitive offer. We will present you with a clear, concise contract, which spells out exactly what we will do and what you can expect. Upon reaching an agreement, we will deliver a deposit and perform an inspection. We will work with your facilities planner, develop a workable schedule, and ensure a worry-free deinstallation.

Sound remarkably simple? It really is.

Atlantis is the solutions provider you need for all of your equipment upgrades.

Please contact one of our sales experts today to discuss your upcoming plans or removal requirements. Let us prove to you why we’re the right and reliable choice for even the most demanding jobs.