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Hal Mason

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"Hello- this is Hal Mason a CT Technologists for Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital in Yakima, WA.  I would like to provide a report about our experience today with Atlantis Worldwide SafeCT product.  Our low-dose CT program started without the availability of SafeCT.  At the time we were able to achieve a 24% reduction in delivered CT dose.  After acquiring the SafeCT product we were ........"

Annette Baccarini

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""Hi my name is Annette Russo Baccarini.  I manage Tuluca Medical PC an interventional pain management practice.  We recently purchased two c-arms from Atlantis from Stuart......"

Kelvin Kulp

"Atlantis Worldwide advised us on the appropriate equipment for our budget. A short time later our CT Scanner was delivered and installed by their expert technical staff. We are ecstatic!"


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"This is Kyle from Grangeville, Idaho at Shringa Hospital and Clinics and I searched for and spoke with numerous different companies regarding the purchase of our C-Arm. Spoke with Stuart and told him exactly what I was looking for and basically the price I was working with. Stuart found me everything that I needed and more than I even actually realized that I needed at a lower price than anybody else. So it was a big help; it was a huge purchase for our organization and Stuart let me know that I wouldn’t be disappointed. Stuart, Atlantis, everybody there went way above and beyond anything that I would've thought. I was under a shipping deadline and it actually came two days early. I needed training for my staff; Stuart made sure that happened as well. When we had a need for service, Stuart contacted the vendor, set up the appointment, and it was fixed with absolutely no hassles. Stuart put me in contact with somebody even during that time that had me troubleshooting to try to fix things along the way and keep us going. So I absolutely have no hesitation; I bought equipment, I sold equipment, and I would say hands down that I would absolutely continue to use Atlantis without any hesitation. My thanks and appreciation go out to Stuart and Atlantis Worldwide."

Rebecca Gilbert

"We received two high quality C-Arms at great prices. Atlantis’s staff is knowledgeable and professional, going the extra mile to ensure that both systems were in 100% working order. We would definitely purchase from Atlantis Worldwide again."


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"…Mike was exquisitely knowledgeable and honest…machine was delivered exactly as advertised…  "


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"…We had excellent service from Atlantis…  "

Dr. John Cutrone

"We met Atlantis Worldwide at their booth at the Radiological Society of North America. We purchased two Siemens Impact Mobile MRI systems, and we are very pleased with the attentive service Atlantis provided. They stand by their product, which is of great value for a busy facility like mine."

Amy Kelly

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"I place an order with Atlantis Worldwide... their company delivered it in a very timely manner, the quality was superb... A few times we needed service and the service was carried out within one day... We are very happy with Atlantis Worldwide service, and would certainly use them again."

Mandi Kleman

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"Hi this is Dr. Mandi Kleman, I'm a veterinary cardiologist at Cornell University in Stanford, Connecticut and I worked with Atlantis Worldwide to purchase a C-Arm for our hospital. Stuart Egles was knowledgeable and very helpful to find the right unit for our need. The unit was delivered as stated and installed on time so thanks very much."