Warranty Information

Who Wouldn’t Want A Warranty?

Atlantis Worldwide understands that one of the greatest concerns when investing in radiology equipment is warranty and service.

Some important issues when reviewing a warranty include:

  • Who determines whether the medical equipment requires repair?
  • What factors determine whether the medical equipment requires repair?
  • Is routine maintenance, manufacturing defects, and normal wear and tear covered?
  • Response Times?
  • Uptime Guarantees?
  • Third-party or OEM service?
  • Price?

We offer comprehensive warranties and full-service maintenance contracts to take care of our clients over the duration of their equipment ownership. Our flexible service plans can reduce or cap your expenditures without sacrificing reliable quality service. Based on clinical and budgetary needs, we will develop an affordable plan that is just right for you.

All refurbished medical equipment that is delivered to your facility by Atlantis arrives in “Patient Ready” status. This means that the equipment has been tested and meets or exceeds all of OEM’s specifications.

Please contact us for more information about our warranty and service contracts, and let us build a customized plan for your medical imaging equipment.