Used GE Legacy R&F spec's: Advantx High Frequency Generator, 4 Way Motorized Legacy Tilting Table with SID, Auto-Collimation and Phototiming, Digital Spot Film Device, DRS Digital acquisition, QUAD Mode 4.5?/6?/9?/12? Image Intensifier, XT OHTC-Over Head Tube Crane, Upright Wall Bucky, Year 1999
GE Legacy R&F
Manufactured by: GE

GE Legacy R & F

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GE Legacy R & F

Used R & F


  • Advantx High Frequency Generator
  • 4 Way Motorized Legacy Tilting Table with SID
  • Auto-Collimation and Phototiming
  • Digital Spot Film Device
  • DRS Digital acquisition
  • QUAD Mode 4.5″/6″/9″/12″ Image Intensifier
  • XT OHTC-Over Head Tube Crane
  • Upright Wall Bucky
  • Year 1999