Toshiba Aquillion Quad

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Toshiba Aquillion Quad

Used CT Scanner

Toshiba Aquilion Quad

Aquilion Multi is a whole-body Computed Tomography (CT) Scanner which utilizes low voltage slip-ring technology for the continuous rotation of the X-ray tube and multi-row detectors. The combination of a high-speed scanner and an extremely powerful, high-voltage generator meets every diagnostic requirement. Solid-state multi-row detectors and optimal reconstruction techniques ensure high quality images. The Aspire CI technology, with an excellent performance record, is included in the standard composition, and meets the requirements of advanced diagnostic techniques. A high-performance CPU, large-size color monitor, hybrid keyboard and refined Graphic User Interface (GUI) are employed to make the operation environment highly efficient.


  • Four Slice Acquisition
  • Model TSX 101A CT System,
  • Model: CGGT 014A Gantry
  • Model: CXXG 008A High Voltage Generator
  • Model: PCDV 125CT Power Conditioner