Siemens Nova 3000

Siemens Nova 3000

Used Mammography

Siemens Nova 3000

MAMMOMAT 3000 Nova offers the most versatile technology for breast imaging and biopsy guidance. Its open design, integrated features, and work-horse reliability ensure the highest performance.

Because it is a screening unit, diagnostic work-up system and stereotactic biopsy unit all in one, MAMMOMAT 3000 Nova maximizes system utilization potential, return on investment and space savings. Imagine the efficiency of using one system for:

  • Screening
  • Special Views
  • Magnification
  • Stereotactic biopsy, fine needle and core
  • Needle localization
  • Specimen radiography ?Stereotactic biopsy can be performed with the patient in a comfortable sitting or recumbent position. The system accommodates biopsy between +120° and –165°, in steps of 15°. ?With the functions of a dedicated biopsy system and the versatility to handle all mammography procedures, MAMMOMAT 3000 Nova is an investment which pays for it
  • Siemens’ engineers added new design elements, softer lines and a fresh look for MAMMOMAT 3000 Nova, while preserving the highly-appreciated features and options of our proven M3000.

Superior Accessibility

  • The slim tube-head design and narrow base allows easy, proper positioning of patients, including those in wheelchairs. Excellent ergonomic conditions are pre- served for both operator and patient, even during biopsy procedures.


  • Motorized isocentric movement offers precision and time-savings when positioning patients. Because the swivel arm moves isocentrically, the object table remains at the proper height between projections. Change between angle settings – every angle from cc to the inverted 180° – without readjusting the height.

Pivoting Buckys

  • The unique dual Bucky design enables quick and easy switching between 18×24 and 24×30 cm formats. When the object table is changed, the appropriate collimation automa- tically pre-selects. Additionally, either object table can be manually replaced with the stereotactic device or magni- fication table.

Generous gantry free-space

  • The 65-cm gantry opening (SID) allows easy patient positioning and accommodates popular biopsy devices. For example, the minimally-invasive vacuum- assisted Mammotome core biopsy system can be mounted
  • in the vertical position in the stereotactic device – in line with the direction of compression for the shortest distance and greatest accuracy in reaching the lesion.

Opdose – Optimized dose Mo/Mo, Mo/Rh, W/Rh

  • Siemens invented the dual-track X-ray tube, with Molybdenum and Tungsten anode materials in 1994, and it has gained popularity with every installation. The Opdose® system auto- selects the best anode/filter combination (Mo/Mo, Mo/Rh, W/Rh), and the lowest dose, according to individual breast characteristics. This is particularly important for younger women whose breasts normally have higher density and often require higher dose. By selecting W/Rh in appropriate cases, Opdose can save up to 60% dose over a comparable Mo/Mo exposure.


  • High-voltage wave form: Exposure voltage:?mAs range:  Multipulse
  • Exposure times: 23kV to 35kV, adjustable in increments of 1kV
  • mAs range: Mo X-ray tube: 2mAs to 560 mAs (mAs-mode) up to 600mAs (AEC-mode)?Mo/W X-ray tube: 2mAs to 710 mAs (mAs-mode) up to 752 mAs (AEC-mode)


  • Flip Flop Dual 18×24/24×30 Buckys
  • Dual .1/.3 Focal Spots
  • Magnification Kit
  • Needle Localization Paddles
  • Automatic Compression
  • Spot Compression Plate
  • Lead Glass Shield
  • MAS Read Out
  • Phototimed