Siemens Espree 1.5T Wide Bore MRI

Siemens Magnetom Espree TIM Wide Bore MRI

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Siemens Magnetom Espree TIM Wide Bore MRI

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Siemens Magnatom Espree TIMS 18 Channel Wide Bore MRI

The Siemens Espree combines a 70 cm (inner diameter) Open Bore design with an Ultrashort system length of 125 cm (cover to cover) that enables head out (up to 60% of routine applications), or feet-first exams.

  • 550lb Table Weight
  • 18 Channel Wide Bore
  • TIM (Total Imaging Matrix) integrated coil technology offers whole-body coverage without repositioning for multiple exams
  • Zero boil-off magnet virtually eliminates cryogen usage, greatly decreasing service costs
  • Low siting costs: magnet, equipment, and control room fit into 290 sq. ft.
  • 1.5T Wide Bore 70cm OR122 Magnet
  • TIMS 76 x 18 Matrix
  •    Tim(76 x 18) Z-engine performance level
  •    Tim(76 x 18) is Total imaging matrix with 76 seamlessly integrated coil elements, combinable to 18 RF channels.  It is for demanding high-end applications and optimized throughput.
  •  Z Engine 33mT/SR100 Gradients
  • The Z-engine is designed combining high performance while minimizing acoustic noise
  • VB19B Software
  • Z440 Host Computer
  • Sumitomo F-70 Compressor
  • Suites: TIM Application Suite, Neuro Suite, Body Suite, Angio Suite, Cardiac Suite, Ortho Suite, Onco Suite, Pediatric Suite, Breast Suite, Scientific Suite


  • Head Matrix
  • Body Matrix
  • Spine Matrix
  • 8 Channel High Resolution Knee Array
  • Quadrature Knee/Foot Coil
  • 8 Channel Foot Ankle Coil
  • Shoulder Array Small
  • Shoulder Array Large
  • CP Flex Small
  • CP Flex Large