Siemens Emotion Duo

Siemens Emotion Duo

Used CT Scanner

Siemens Emotion Duo CT

The Siemens Emotion Duo is a 2-slice CT scanner offering subsecond scanning, a comprehensive range of clinical applications, and cost-effectiveness compared to the single-slice through its Lightning UFC dual-detector technology. The Siemens Emotion Duo provides anatomical volumes with thinner slices for excellent reformatted images, higher mAs for improved image quality, and less stress on the X-ray tube compared to the single-slice. The Siemens Emotion Duo is a excellent, affordable option to bring high resolution imaging and a wide range of clinical applications to your facility.


  • SafeCT Low-dose Solution
  • Dual multislice helical
  • 800ms rotation
  • 50 slices in 20s breathhold
  • 100 seconds spiral time
  • 15.5 lp/cm spatial resolution
  • Contrast detectability:
  • With 16 cm CATPHAN:
  • 3mm/3HU/19.7mGy/100mAs with 20 cm CATPHAN:
  • 5mm/3HU/15.8mGy/90mAs
  • 1s image reconstruction time
  • 40 kW generator
  • 3.5 MHU tube
  • Syngo
  • UFC-Ultra Fast Ceramic Detectors
  • Real-time MPR,
  • CT Angiography
  • 3D
  • Image Control System