Philips Brilliance 64

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Philips Brilliance 64

Used CT Scanner



  • Year 2007
  • 64 Slice Reconstruction
  • Release 3.6.8
  • UPGRADED TO TDMS Detectors
  • Z840 Computer
  • Dell Precision T3800 Computer in 2014
  • XR-29 Compliant
  • 8.0 MRC 800 Tube with 1,089,986 Scan Seconds
  • Permanent Options:   Dicom Modality Worklist, Volume Rendering, Lung Nodule Assessment, Brain Perfusion, General Reporting, Virtual Colonoscopy, AVA Report, Retrospective Split, Step And Shoot Cardiac, Head Centering
  • MAY 2019

Brilliance CT 64-channel configuration

  • Expand clinical boundaries in cardiac, pulmonary, trauma, and pediatric imaging.
  • DoseWise design focuses on lowering radiation dose for patients and staff.
  • Acquire 40mm of coverage in every rotation with submillimeter isotropic accuracy.
  • Best-in-class reconstruction speeds using 3-D cone beam reconstruction.
  • MRC X-ray tube eliminates waiting times between scanning sequences.

Technical Specifications

  • The Philips MRC X-ray tube now includes a Segmented Anode, Smart Focal Spot and Spiral Groove Bearing. The Segmented Anode provides improved reliability for short high power scans and rapid cooling. The Smart Focal Spot employs a dynamic focal spot to increase spatial resolution. The Spiral Grooove Bearing provides an extremely stable focal spot required for high resolution imaging.
  • NanoPanel tile detectors are also part of the image quality equation. Their miniaturization improves signal-to-noise ratio resulting in noticeably crisp, clear images. When coupled with the new SmartSpot X-ray tube, spatial resolution can be as high as 24 lp/mm in ultra high resolution mode.
  • The RapidView Reconstruction features true 3D Cone Beam Reconstruction (COBRA), Adaptive Multi-Cycle Reconstruction, Ultra High Resolution Matrices and the Intel Quad-Core Processors. COBRA provides a solution to poor reconstruction assumptions with large collimations. For cardiac imaging, Adaptive Multi-Cycle optimizes the temporal resolution of every voxel in the dataset. Ultra High Resolution Matrices supports the reconstruction and visualization of datasets up to 24 lp/cm. Finally, the new Quad-Core processors, along with the Philips exclusive 3D back projection board, enable reconstruction of 75% of factory protocols in under one minute.