OEC 9800 ESP C-Arm

OEC 9800 ESP C-Arm



  • Mobile C-arm equipment featuring 1K x 1K imaging resolution.
  • 1K x 1K imaging resolution creates an expanded, more powerful platform.
  • Intuitive touch screen control which offers simple operation of the system so even new or inexperienced users can be experts.
  • AutoTrak (TM) feature automatically tracks the subject anatomy anywhere within the imaging field for true point-and-shoot ease of use
  • Lowest possible X-ray dose without relinquishing image quality.
  • Backlit C-arm control panel to see in darkened operating rooms.
  • Operator control panel on both sides of C-arm chassis conveniently located for operator use.
  • Triple the generator power.
  • Lightweight for ease in steering and maneuvering.


  • Last Image Hold
  • Edge Enhancement
  • Gamma Correction
  • Digital Windowing
  • MARS-Motion Artifact Reduction
  • Patient Annotation Keyboard
  • Dual 1K X 1K Monitors
  • Tri-Mode 4.5″/6″/9″ Image Intensifier
  • 400 Image Storage
  • PreView Collimation
  • Digital Zoom Mode
  • ESP-Expanded Surgical Package
  • Fluoro Boost
  • Sharpen Function

ESP Platform

Includes all the GSP features and:

  • 400 image storage
  • Zoom and roam function
  • Image annotation
  • Measurement software

ESP Platform with 8fps Digital Disk

Includes all ESP features and:

  • 8fps Dynamic digital disk
  • Recording/playback rate: 1,2,4, 8fps
  • Recording time: 2 minutes@8fps

ESP Platform with 15fps Digital Disk

Includes all the 8fps ESP features and:

  • 15fps Dynamic digital disk
  • Recording/playback rate: 1,2,4, 8fps
  • Automatic image playback capability
  • Frame by frame review
  • Recording time: 10 minutes @ 15fps