Hologic Discovery A

Hologic Discovery A

Used Bone Densitometer

Holgic Discovery A

The Discovery dual energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) system provides a single comprehensive platform for the assessment of three major health issues: osteoporosis including vertebral fracture assessment, cardiovascular disease, and obesity.

Hologic Discovery is Designed with Efficient Workflow in Mind!??The evaluation of bone health has become an essential component of your patients’ wellness. Hologic Discovery, our most advanced QDR Series bone densitometer, combines the proven clinical value of Bone Mineral Density (BMD) measurement and vertebral fracture assessment. Hologic pioneered the integration of BMD measurement with Instant Vertebral Assessment (IVA) allowing point-of-care assessment of the two most definitive factors associated with osteoporotic fracture risk: low bone mineral density and the presence of vertebral fracture. BMD and IVA are both powered by our exclusive OnePass linear fan-beam technology improving the accuracy, speed and convenience of assessing osteoporosis. ?Discovery’s technology innovations raise the standards ??OnePass Technology ?Single sweep scanning enables superior image quality and unparalleled precision test after test, year after year ?Vertebral Fracture Assessment ?Recognized as the standard in fracture risk assessment is now even better with our High Definition Instant Vertebral Assessment ?CADfx ?Computer aided fracture assessment provides physicians with tools to automatically recognize fractures ?Comprehensive Reporting Solutions ?Hologic leads the industry in with reporting solutions for bone densitometry that streamline workflow and meet your reporting needs ?Connectivity Solutions ?Hologic Discovery connectivity solutions enable seemless communication to streamline workflow and increase productivity

Discovery delivers:

Exceptional Precision and Accuracy

High Definition Digital DXA Detectors – To improve fracture detection and to visualize abdominal aortic calcifications1.

Speed and Image Quality – Discovery imaging technology captures the hip and spine with as fast as 10-second regional scanning time.

Superb Visualization1 – The Discovery system’s exclusive design utilizes a high resolution detector array paired with true fan-beam linear acquisition geometry.

Consistency from Exam to Exam – The Discovery system performs continuous, automatic calibration, ensuring precise measurements results from exam to exam.

All Discovery DXA systems are powered by our exclusive OnePass technology. OnePass single sweep scanning delivers superb image quality1 and precision2. Our exclusive design utilizes a multi-element digital detector array paired with true fan-beam acquisition geometry, enabling rapid, dual-energy bone density measurements. OnePass scanning is designed to eliminate beam overlap errors and image distortion found in rectilinear acquisition techniques resulting in superb image quality and data stability.


  • Radiological Vertebral Assessment
  • Forearm, Dual Hip
  • 10 Second Femur
  • 10 Second Lumbar
  • IVA
  • Linear X-Ray Fan Beam Utilizing Motorized Table and C-Arm
  • Computer Worktable with PC, Monitor
  • Printer
  • CD-RW Drive
  • Network Ready