GE Light Speed VCT 64 CT

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GE Light Speed VCT 64 CT

  • Year 2006
  • NIO 64 Console
  • VDAS 64, Sherlock 64 Detector
  • GT Long Table
  • ASIR
  • Software: 16HW36.4_SP3-0-2.V40_H_V64_G_GTL
  • MX 240 Hercules Tube replaced in March 2018 with 103,104077mAs


  • VCT-Hi-Power, Neuro Filter, Sub-0.4-Second-Scan, Smart Score Pro, Auto Filter-and-Transfer, Patient-64-slice, Smart Step, Helical Shuttle, Connect Pro, Smart Prep, Direct-MPR, Exam Split, Data Export, 3000 Image Series, Autom A, Copy Composer, Dynamic Z-axis Tracking Permanent, ASIR, CardIQ SnapShot, Noise Reduction Filter, EKG Viewer, CardIQ Snap Shot-Cine

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