GE Light Speed QX/I Quad Slice

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GE Light Speed QX/I Quad Slice

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GE LightSpeed QX/I Quad

The GE LightSpeed QX/I is a quad-slice, whole body CT scanner capable of routine 0.8 second full 360 degree rotation scans. The LightSpeed QX/I’s fast image acquisition speed enables many types of studies to be conducted in a single breath hold. The GE LightSpeed QX/I allows you to reconstruct multiple slice thickness from a single data acquisition. This scanner enables routine use to thin slices without compromising IQ, coverage or throughput. The GE LightSpeed QX/I was designed to produce excellent image quality with simultaneous scan, image reconstruction, filming, archiving, networking, and display.


  • Four Slice Acquisition
  • 53mm mAs on a 6.3MHU Performix Tube
  • XTREAM GOC-4 Console
  • Advantage Workstation ADW 4.6
  • Software:  07MW11.10_SP3-0-11 H1_P_S4_G_Zeus
  • Smart Prep
  • Thin Twin Helical
  • Direct 3D
  • Helical Tilt
  • 3000 Image Series
  • VariViewer
  • Power440
  • Auto mA
  • Tube6_3MHU
  • Connect Pro
  • Smart Score Pro
  • MedRad Envison CT Injector