GE Light Speed 16 CT with Cardiac

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GE Light Speed 16 CT with Cardiac

Used CT Scanner

GE LightSpeed 16

The GE LightSpeed 16 is the 4th evolution in LightSpeed – widely used high resolution, 16-slice ct scanner. The GE LightSpeed 16 features sub-millimeter slices, routine 16-slice coverage, 4th evolution technology, GE microVoxel technology, 3 dimensional image quality, and high resolution imaging

Year 2004

  • Sixteen Slice Reconstruction
  • GOC 3-4 Console
  • MDAS16
  • Application Software:  07MW11.10_SP4-1-3H2_P_M16_G_Zeus
  • Performix Tube with 59,848,595 mAs

OPTIONS:   SmartScore Pro, Connect Pro, Smart Prep, Helical Tilt, CardIQ SnapShot, Variviewer, AutomA, Power 440, Tube 6.3MHU, Patient 16 slice, Direct 3D, Smart Step