GE Discovery LS

GE Discovery LS


GE Discovery LS PET-CT

The GE Discovery LS is a whole-body 4-slice PET/CT scanner – the fusion of GE’s PET Advance NXi and LightSpeed Plus CT. The GE Discovery LS provides perfect registered and fused anatomical and functional images for optimal treatment planning and followup. Using GE’s PET Advance NXi functionality, the Discovery assesses the body’s chemical or physiological changes that often precede anatomical changes visible in CT or MR. The Advance NXi within the GE Discovery LS ensures the highest 2D and 3D sensitivity, full-field uniformity of resolution and high count rate capability. A refurbished, used GE Discovery LS is an affordable and very reliable option to introduce PET/CT imaging and its superior clinical usage into your department or clinic.


Discovery LS Gantry

  • Dimensions: Height x Width x Depth: 208.3 x 235 x 205 cm (82 x 92.5 x 81 in)
  • Weight: 4,581 kg (10,100 lb)
  • Patient port diameter: 60 cm (PET), 70 cm (CT)
  • Patient Positioning: Triple laser
  • Transmission source: Attenuation correction using CT and/or Ge-68 pin sources


  • Ring diameter: 93 cm
  • # of crystals: 12096
  • Crystal composition: BGO
  • Crystal size: 4 x 8 x 30 mm
  • Axial fov: 152 mm
  • Number of crystals per pmt (# of rings): 18/dual-anode PMT (9/anode)
  • System sensitivity: 200,000 (2-D), 1,150,000 (3-D) cps/┬ÁCi/cc
  • Scatter fraction: 10% (2-D), 35% (3-D)<1>
  • Maximum count rate, cps @ 50% dead time: 425,000 cps @ 160 kBq/mL (2-D), 410,000 cps @ 26 kBq/ml (3-D); NECR<1>


  • Operating temp range: 18.3-24 Celsius (65-75 Fahrenheit)
  • Relative humidity: 30-60 %
  • Cooling: 31,000 btu/hr (minimum); no water chilling required

Other characteristics

  • Numeric display of count rate and elapsed time, dual operator controls on each side of gantry, footswitch for scan start, wide array of patient positioning accessories

Optional Attachments:

  • Additional analysis workstations, AP nodes, and raw data memory
  • 4.6 GB MOD
  • Laser printer
  • Networking
  • ECG synchronizer
  • ECG strip-chart reader
  • Color printer
  • Flat tabletop for RT
  • Gammex Laser lights