GE Brightspeed 16 Power

GE Brightspeed 16 Power

Used CT Scanner


  • Sixteen Slice Acquisition
  • 6.3MHU Performix Tube
  • NEWEST Open OC 16 Console with ASIR HP Box
  • ASIR
  • Volara DAS
  • Hilight Matrix II Detectors
  • NEW Keyboard, Monitors, Long Cable Set
  • OpenOC16 TP and SW for IB Upgrade
  • Std Option Key and TRM Collector
  • Helios2 SmartSpeed
  • Data Export
  • Copy Composer
  • 90kVA
  • Helical Tilt
  • Neuro Filter
  • Smart Prep
  • Auto mA
  • Large Image Series
  • 16 Slice Option
  • Direct 3D Software
  • Direct MRP
  • 440mA Scan

These systems were refurbished by GE Gold Seal, these systems were sterilized, cleaned, prepped, tested, repaired, and repainted.

The tube passed all GE specifications and quality tests.